Buckwheat Premium Honey

Buckwheat- An excellent cover crop, buckwheat helps to suppress weeds, but also is an attractive nectar source for beneficial insects like honeybees and other pollinators. Not wheat, the name in part comes as the seeds are used as a grain in some parts of the world. An ancient plant, buckwheat is gluten free. Buckwheat honey is a dark honey, high in anti-oxidants, with a distinctive taste. This honey has become recognized for its use in children as a natural cough suppressant. Use Buckwheat honey as a nutritional boost daily off the spoon. Use it in recipes as an alternative to molasses. Baked beans, gingerbread, pumpernickel bread, and barbeque sauce are just a few recipes in which Buckwheat honey is the star.
All-Natural Premium Honey from Honey Harvest Farm, Maryland.