Clover Premium Honey

Clover- this surprising “flower” is really many flowers! Each “head” of clover is comprised of many flowers. The amazing clover is a member of the bean family, and is plentiful in yards across the country. The sturdy flower head makes easy work for the honeybee to gather the nectar and pollen. Once pollinated, the white clover flower produces a one or two seeded legume. Clover honey is a plentiful honey with a taste that most people identify as “honey”. Yet many people are surprised how flavorful our all- natural Clover honey is compared to a highly processed honey. One of the amazing qualities of Clover honey is the “blendability” it possesses. A milder honey, Clover blends well with many foods and beverages without significantly altering the taste of that food. For that reason, it is an all-purpose honey in cooking and baking. Many customers like to use as a marinade for salmon before baking or grilling. Only your imagination limits the use of Clover honey in your kitchen!
All-Natural Premium Honey from Honey Harvest Farm, Maryland.