Raspberry Premium Honey

Raspberry- this surprising honey variety gives a pop of raspberry on first taste, but finishes with an amazing flavor strongly reminiscent of Tupelo! Make a lovely vinaigrette, blend with chocolate or banana. Stir into farina or oatmeal, anywhere you want to elevate flavors! How about fruit dip, marinades or BBQ sauce? Give yourself a treat- try this honey in your black tea, herbal, or iced tea!
2 oz minibear Raspberry
2 ounce squeeze mini-bear bottle
6 oz baby bear Raspberry
6 ounce squeeze baby bear bottle
12 oz Bear squeeze bottle Raspberry
12 ounce Classic Bear squeeze bottle
16 oz Squeeze bottle Raspberry
One pound squeeze bottle
32 oz Squeeze bottle Raspberry
TWO pound squeeze bottle
5 lb Jug Raspberry
5-pound jug of honey
12 lb Gallon of Honey Raspberry
An entire Gallon of Yummy Honey, that is twelve pounds of honey!
4 oz Raspberry Vintage
4 oz Vintage Muth bottle
8 oz Raspberry Vintage
8 oz Vintage Muth bottle
All-Natural Premium Honey from Honey Harvest Farm, Maryland.